Live with Yoga

Because it is the freeway to happy life!

It was Friday evening, I was finishing work, felt pretty lonely because at that time my relationship didn't go the way I wanted it. I didn't know what to do and then an idea came to me!!!

What about trying out yoga??? 

So I did :-). It was a true


Snow yoga, anywhere, anytime!

You can do yoga anywhere, anytime and under any conditions :-)! I love that. I am introducing the quick yoga routine for places where you can't lay down and can't really touch the ground. Welcome to my Winter Yoga! I am with you.

Make your body alive in 10 minutes

Since that day, I have done some much yoga, that it is not even possible (well, it is... you know what I mean). Yoga brings you so much, it is just giving and giving!

Strength and flexibility (physical and mental), inner peace, breath (life), humbleness, joy, fun, and the biggest gift: PRESENCE

Yoga is not what you do in that one hour in a yoga-center. It is your inner setting, it is how you perceive life, it is about you - the true you, the core, the energy... 

Power-yoga: What does the word "Power" really mean?

The True Yoga means that you live the essence of Warrior non-stop. In Sanskrit, we say ViraBhadra which means HeroFriend. And that is what you are. You are a hero, because you have the ability to choose your thought, words and actions, therefore you create your life consciously and therefore your life is in your hands (or in your mind). You are a friend, because you are happy to be in your body which allows you to live your life, therefore you are nice to your body, to yourself, to your life and you like to be with yourself and in your life. You are a friend to yourself and therefore you can be kind to others.

You are a hero-friend! 


A true loving warrior - loving life, loving joy, loving the world!

All the answers are within you

The way you live your life is your way. 

I know it is hard not to be influenced by what other people (and many times it is the authorities, researchers, etc.) tell you. This is healthy, this is not healthy, this is good for you and this is not good for you...


For example:

Do not eat too much bread. 

Excercise on regular basis.

Work hard.

High heels are bad for your spine.

Wake up early.

Drink a lot of water.

Be aware of what is going on.

Stand up for your truth.

And I can go and go...


This is not about if we should do what these sentences read. The question is:

Can you decide for yourself what you want to do without being influenced by what they say is good and what is bad for you? 

Let me share the way I do it:

I love bread, so I eat it. I don't exercise on regular basis, because I don't like limits, so I exercise whenever I feel like it. I hate the word "hard", so no... I work a lot and I am having fun with it. In my opinion, high heels are totally fun and I don't care what anybody says about them. I wake up when I want to wake up. I drink as much water as my body tells me. I am not aware of what is going on, because if I was, I wouldn't feel happy. Feeling happy is the most important thing for me. I don't stand up for my truth, because I don't take myself and my truth that seriously to make the effort to stand up for them. It is much more important for me to be relaxed and loving. 

Whenever I hear this or that is good or not, I go inside of myself and ask the MOST IMPORTANT GURU - my source what she thinks about it. And she seems to be a REBEL most of the times :-).  

I wish you find the courage to turn to yourself for the most important questions regarding your life and since every second is super important, I hope you turn to yourself all the time. 

I am with you!